Luigi went to a Pokémon convention in Pasadena five years ago.

In Pasadena, Luigi and his best friend AJ, found a card shop.

Luigi told his best friend, Daisy that she needs to come back with him to check out that card shop.

So a couple of months later, Luigi and Daisy, went to Pasadena to find this car shop. Luigi did not know where the shop was exactly located or what the name for it was.

So he made Daisy google map all the nerdy shops in the area. If you have been to Pasadena, you would know that it’s filled with nerdy places. They spent an entire day looking for this shop. But, no luck.

In the end, Daisy got upset and yelled at Luigi for making her waste her gas to find a stupid card shop.

Three years later, Luigi and Daisy, were in Pasadena during a very bad time in their lives. Daisy was crying as they drove through Pasadena when, suddenly, Luigi yells OMG there’s the card shop!

Daisy yelled at him again and said is this really the time for that??

He agreed and asked if they could stop by another time and she said yes.

One year later, Luigi and Daisy were in Pasadena again for Luigi’s birthday. Luigi wanted to go to that card shop for his birthday but he couldn’t remember where it was. They gave up and found a burger spot called Lucky Boy. They had delicious food for a good price. After they ate, they were driving home when suddenly, Luigi said OMG! There it is! They pulled up to the parking lot but unfortunately the store had just closed.

They agreed to come back again soon.

Last week, Luigi and Daisy went to Pasadena to find the card shop again. When they got to Pasadena, they realized they forgot where it was. They just remembered it was by Lucky Boy burger place. So as they google mapped Lucky Boy, they looked up to see that they were right in front of the card shop.

They parked and went inside. Finally, after five years, they finally found the shop.

But, Daisy noticed something strange…the store was full of comic book. There were no cards anywhere. Not even one.

Luigi asked the cashier, and she said that the card shop owner left the business five years ago and now it’s just a comic book store.

The end.

Xoxo Frshta

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