My obsession with this song is real. It makes me happy. It makes me want to dance and put my hand up in the air. Lets choreograph something and dance to it. So listen to this if you want a similar high. I can’t wait till I go to Japan someday. I have really been thinking about teaching abroad. One year in Japan? It sounds like a life changing adventure.

Their was an earthquake last night. I was so tired and dead asleep after a very long day. When I woke up to jolting and shaking. Marshmallow, my cat, was of course dead asleep. Aren’t animals suppose to have a sixth sense? Where was the warning Marshy?

In other news, my fingers are stiff because yesterday, I picked up a paint brush again after a very long time. My hands are full of pain colors and it gives me such joy.

I pushed myself to do something I love and I love painting. Now I really need to start creating again. I am working on a script for A Conversation with Allah. I usually don’t like telling people what I am up to because if it never happens then I will feel shitty. But, I have been thinking maybe if I project it into the universe…it will happen?

Next, Allah and I, have been having conversations again. They are short but they are happening. The feeling of not being able to talk or anger is slowly leaving. Praise Allah for that.

I really love science. I am not like a super genius but science is so interesting. Hence I always look at the miracles of science in the Quran. The Quran was sent down through the angel Jabriel to our Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) 1400 years ago. Check this link out if you want to read some cool stuff. No, I am not trying to convert you. It is just so incredibly fascinating! It gives me chills and I want to share it with my readers.

I have been working out for five days consistently for the last three weeks! This week I even added a hike. My bones hurt but I got this.

Hello to all my new followers and readers! Thanks for joining and thanks for reading.

Have a beautiful day!


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