Hello friends,

Happy Tuesday!

I hope everyone is doing well and staying positive because perspective is everything.

I spend a lot of time talking about the bad in my life and I know I need to highlight the positive as well.

So I want to talk about my amazing Saturday. I had one downside but overall, it turned out great.

Saturday, I spent the morning/afternoon with my momma for her birthday. It was just my mom and I, and we usually have a great time together. My mom has been wanting to see the Hollywood sign for a while now. So we finally went on the hike. I didn’t know where I was going but I did some googling and asked the people around me. Right now, is the best time to hiking if I may add. It is so beautiful in Los Angeles and green.

We went to the Griffith Park Observatory and looked for parking. Mind you, the parking by the observatory is $10 an hour….-_-. So we parked at the bottom of the park where it is free. A security guard told us which route to take and started our hike. My mom was telling me that it will take forever to get the sign and that it’s to far away. Honestly, from where we were standing it did look far away but I said “do you have something else to do” …LOL and the answer was no.

Honestly, the hike took us about one hour and a half and it was not that bad at all. It was the perfect pace in my humble opinion. It did not get to steep or to easy. On our way up, we saw some horses and gosh they were beautiful. The view of the city was also breathtaking and whenever I hike somewhere high…I always feel so close to God…I know that is silly but I feel Allah so much while we are hiking. When we got to the front of the sign…I was bummed that we couldn’t get closer but it was good enough. There was also a protest going on about climate change. One the way back…we looked at the scenery some more and talked about life. Once we got to the observatory…we were pooped but I still showed my mom around the building and explained the concept of the universe to her…in terms of science of course. We headed back to the car and my feet were burning but I felt so happy. My mom wanted some type of soup but we had sandwiches instead. We went to Mendocino Farms. It was our first time and this place was amazing. We got a Kale ceaser salad with two different sandwiches and it was delicious. Actually, I am currently eating at Mendocino Farms and it tastes even better. Quality food and not to expensive. We also had a lemonade and a cookie.

Afterwards, we went home and took long hot showers.

My day didn’t end there…I had dinner plans with my best friend around 6ish. I am not going to lie.. I was really tired but I wanted to see her beautiful smile. We walked around the mall and had dinner at CPK. The service was horrible. The food was horrible but my God…was the company amazing. It was the perfect example of turning a bad situation into a positive situation. We were to busy laughing to be mad. Literally, it was funny how bad the service and we cried tears of laughter throughout the evening. Have you ever laughed so hard that your crying and can’t breathe?…It is an amazing feeling. Thank you Allah for giving us laughter. Our entire meal was comp too…so I guess it worked out. Afterwards we had some coffee and talked till it was time for me to go home.

We also spent a good chunk of the time talking about what characters we are in sponge-bob LOL.

I had such a lovely time and we made such wonderful memories. I had moments the next day where I would burst out laughing just thinking of our inside jokes. I want more days like this where my soul feels happy and I don’t let the negative bother me instead I let happiness take over.

Sunday was also a very good day. The Oscars were on! I am going to have another post about this soon because this one is really long already.

Thank you so much for reading.

Have a beautiful day.

Allah thank you for such a wonderful day that words can’t even describe how great it was.


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