This past week, I did a deep clean of my tiny room. My room is pretty small but I love it for what it is. It’s bigger than a walk in closet but some would say ..that’s exactly what it is. Also, I don’t like the fact that I don’t have my own entrance because I have to go through my sister’s room to get to my room. And, man…my sister is difficult. She is a light sleeper and she just loves to complain at times. My room only bothers me when I can’t find anywhere to put my clothes LOL. Overall, it’s awesome to see how much my childhood bedroom has evolved. I use to share this room with my sister and we had bunk beds.

Now it’s a room that is making an effort to inspire me everyday. It does not look like a 27year olds room. There is no matching furniture or nice blankets. I have the same blankets since I was a kid and I like it that way. It’s comfort for me and my room feels weird without them. I have my painting up, and a cork board for memories, my diplomas, and a lot of books. I have some collectibles that were gifted to me around the room too. I set up my keyboard and that’s sitting in a corner now. There is a section with all my childhood stuffed animals that I love dearly. There are two large windows that I love. It brings fresh air and brightness even on the darkness days. Above my door I have a prayer that I try to look at every single morning when I wake up since I was a child.

My room and I have a bond. We have been through some dark times together and some great times. I remember where I was sitting when my brother died and I needed a moment to really think about what just happened. I remember when I was super into my Harry Potter books and I would spend days and night indulging into those books.

My keychain collection is hanging by closet and each key chain has a memory or an emotion. There is a rug in my room that has been here since forever too.

Straight up though, it will be exciting to someday have my own space that’s bigger but I’m grateful. Thank you Allah.

While I was cleaning my room …I thought about my attachment to a lot of these things. They are just things.

I have so much clothes …and I always want more.


I was trying understand the point to having so much clothes ….lol

At one point I wanted to throw everything away from my room and just sleep on the floor. It sounds like freedom. Just to be free of all of these attachments and things.

My best friend is always telling me how she likes spending her money on making memories and that makes so much sense. why spend money on things that just sit there and collect dust ?

Everything in moderation I guess. But, honestly, I have a lot of clothes and for some reason I never know what to wear.

Back in 2013, I would spend so much money on clothes. I was a big fan of retail therapy. it soothes me. I was never a name brand whore though…cuz I have my own opinion on name brands and it’s not a good one. That’s for another day though lol.

I’ve come a long way since those days.

I think I’m becoming a minimalist. I went to Frank and Sons Collectibles this weekend and I didn’t want to buy anything. I kept saying …well, what am I going to do with this.

I mean do we really need that much? Who are we trying to impress? Why does it matter ? We are in this world for a limited time and all we are trying to do is keep up with society and the social pressures. Of course we do things for ourselves …like I love a good outfit but we really have to ask ourselves and be honest of what the purpose of these material things and do I really need this? Attachment to material things is not healthy in my humble opinion. Attachment to anything isn’t healthy. Balance is the keep to life.

Of course ..what do I know…. Allah knows best (Allah ‘aelam).

Happy Monday!


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