I have been MIA. I know. Way before the virus spread, I took a week off from blogging and right now, I can’t remember why. Maybe I was just busy?

This week I didn’t write because this entire virus situation was scary, confusing and I needed time to process what was going on.

I lost both of my jobs. I lost both of my gyms. I lost my personal time because now EVERYONE is home hence..no personal time. I lost my freedom in a lot of ways too. My depression has been great this year for the most part and I think exercising had a lot to do with it. I was barely starting to get creative in my own personal workouts.

More than anything, the thought of not being able to leave my house scared me. Even though LA is not at that point yet but I think it will be. It is just a matter of time. Initially, that is what freaked me out. Then the really scary part came that my father, who had two heart attacks, diabetes, high blood pressure, and cholesterol might really get sick(God Forbid). My mom and grandma crossed my mind and anyone that I know is elderly. I feared for the world. I feared for my friends with weak immune systems. There was just so much on my mind. More than anything, the shock of everything was numbing. I couldn’t process what was going on and honestly, I still can’t really process all of it.

I have family and friends all over the world and they are all effected. All humans have been effected.

But, this goes past jobs and money.

There is beauty in every situation. It is amazing that China’s pollution has cleared up. Mother Nature you deserve a break. You take care of us and we should take care of you.

Stay safe everyone. I forced myself to write this and I will try to write another one tomorrow.


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