I’ve never been big on voting because I don’t think it does anything. At the end of the day it goes back to whatever the government wants and not what the people want.

Women are such incredible beings. I read a book called “The Giver of Stars” and it really showcased a women’s worth during the 1920 but much hasn’t changed.

We might have the right to vote but we still don’t have the respect. I’m so many countries, women are seen less than a man. It most religions, a women’s place is after the man.

My uncle is transferring some land under his name in Afghanistan. He wanted to use my mom as a witness but the Afghani embassy said a women can’t serve as a witness.

Women still take a man’s last name. It’s like we’re owned by our fathers and then we’re owned by our husbands.

A women must go from Ms. to Mrs. once she’s married but does a man change his Mr. ? No.

As women, we spend so much time talking down to one another. We’re constantly checking other women out and comparing ourselves. We’re constantly hating on each other sometimes we don’t even do it on purpose …it’s like an instinct.

Being a women is hard. We have our own place in the eyes of God. In Islam, we are seen as equal but women have their own role. I don’t need to be the same as a man because I have my own purpose in this life. A women gives birth to a child. We have the gift of life. We are built strong then men in so many ways. We endure and we endure and even when we think we can’t anymore …we endure. This is a gift. We love hard. So hard.

Women are a gift. Behind every successful man there is a badass women helping. There is no man without a women.

Yet, at times I have trouble accepting my role. I love being a women. I wouldn’t change it. When I was a child..I was embarrassed of being a girl but now I love being a women. But, man society just kills us in so many ways.

There are so many littler girls that are look on as burdens. There are sold for money or married off. Women are not allowed to get educated or have basic human rights. If you speak, then you get smacked. At the end of the day, a man is physically strong than a women. God made them that way.

So what do we do ? Where is our narrative going to go now? What are you going to do about it? What am I going to do about it?

Personally, I am going to try my best to no judge anyone especially women. I have been trying to do this already so I am going to try even harder. I am going to try my best to uplift my fellow females. I will try to protect women from the harsh words of a male. Most of all, I am going to ignore the social norms that society has given us all and instead focus on my own personal social norm. So if I want to cook food for my family then I should feel oppressed. I am going to try and not resent men for their God given gift just the way I expect men not to resent me for my God given gifts.

Any suggestions? Because this topic is a struggle. Especially coming from my family and my culture. I know I have been placed with this family for a reason.

God knows best.

Have a great day.


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