I’ve been volunteering for LAUSD food services. We hand out meals to the families in need of them. Today, at my location, we handed out almost 1,500 meals. It was ALOT. I am a little scared about volunteering because I am scared that it’s going to put my family at risk. At the same time, it gives me something to do and it’s a good cause. The district is generous enough to give us a small amount of money for our time too. I probably won’t be called next week. They usually switch the volunteers but we will see.

When I sneeze, I am scared that I have the virus. When I cough, I am scared that I have the virus. When I feel tired, I think I have the virus. In general, when I get super tired, my body gets a small fever. Trust me when I say, that doing nothing is exhausting. But, I’ve been filling my days with activities. I hiked two days last week when the trails were still open. I am still sore from the hike. I try to go on long walks. The physical labor at LAUSD is also exhausting and I have to be up at 6am. LOL. I’m not complaint. I’m just sharing my days just in case anyone is like stop complaining. I am simply explaining why I am tired.

Also, I am not eating the healthiest. I try to have healthy meals but it’s been hard. Especially with the sweets but I downloaded this cool app called Habits Share. You can share your habits with your friends and it’s been pretty good. My best friend is holding me accountable. I should be stricter but I guess I’m leading up to that. Also, unmotivated because Ramadan is coming up too. So, a whole month of fasting, hopefully, I am healthy and alive to observe the holy month.

Point is that I am doing my best. I’m trying really hard.

Oh, I went on this beautiful hike this weekend. My joints are killing me. Hmm…

Stay safe everyone.


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