My best friend gifted me a bath bomb and I’ve never used one before. Believe it or not I don’t really like to take bathes because they take a lot of time and I’m usually on the run. A nice hot shower usually does it for me. Oh and I also hate how when I take a bath the water gets cold quickly. I love the water really really hot. Still, I was excited to try the bath bomb especially since it was given to me by my best friend. The bath bomb wasn’t just any normal bath bomb either. It had a money symbol on it. On the back, it had a special note on it.

“Self Worth: Ocean Jasper is a gentle stone that slowly works to remove guilt and replace it with self-compassion. It works to increase the way you value your energy and is especially powerful for those who tend to give but not receive. Self-care and self-worth flow cohesively together and learning to invest your energy into yourself creates a deep fundamental understanding within that you are of value and of incomprehensible worth.”

The part that really hit me was “for those who tend to give but not receive.”

I was also told that Sunday was the new moon for Leo. It was suppose to be a good night to try the bath bomb and it was suppose to bring luck.

It was Sunday night, and it was a very long week full of things I was looking forward too. Yet, it was clouded by a whole lot of stress. My mind and body were both exhausted. I was trying my best not to spiral but it was tough. I felt very broken and far from repair.

I filled the tub with hot water and my sister threw the bath bomb in for me. I got into the tub that I cried in just a couple of days ago. I scrubbed my pain off my body as much I could. I prayed as I scrubbed. I took deep breathes. I wanted to feel better. I am not sure why exactly my best friend gave me this bath bomb. She mentioned something about getting rid of imposter syndrome. It meant a lot. It was nice to feel cared for. I guess I tried to release the stress during this bath.

It helped.

At the core of the bath bomb was a cool looking stone! Hopefully, it brings luck!

I just wanted to find a car so I can get back to the things I wanted to do like sewing.

Thanks for reading.



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