When I was a little girl I told my mommy and daddy I really want to learn how to play the piano. Unfortunately, we didn’t have the money. One day my mama and I walked to SavOn, which is now CVS on Sepulveda Blvd. I can’t remember why we were there probably need to pick up some type of medicine. We went into the toy aisle and my heart to lifted. There it was my own little keyboard. My mommy said do you really want this and I said yes I do. We didn’t come from money so I knew that this was a big deal. She bought it for me because it was all she could do to help my dream of learning the piano. I walked home carrying it. It had a microphone and spent time with it. I spent time singing and playing the piano. Now I have a big keyboard even though I kept that baby keyboard till just a year ago. I finally learned that notes start with A,B,C ….just kidding it’s C,D,E. Thank you mommy.

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