I have lost my voice. I opened up a new kindergarten class last week. I was not looking forward to teaching these munchkins because kindergarten is exhausting. The school pulled out four to six students from the other five kindergarten classes and put them in one class. Unfortunately, kindergarten at this school is insane. There is no control. After the first day, I was exhausted. It took so much energy out of me. Today was day four. I spent my morning job talking to a kindergartener then I trained a new employee at my second job. By the time I got home tonight, it hurt to talk. I do love challenges and I want to turn this kindergarten class around but I am not maternal. I feel judged by other teachers because I am not maternal. Oh well. I haven’t felt inspired to write for my blog because I have been so tired. Also, there hasn’t been an inspiration for the blog. I have been inspired to write even though I haven’t done it yet. At least the feeling of being somewhat inspired is there. I am trying to organize it in my head though. Anyways, thank you for reading. By the way, I finally got hired as a college adjunct professor!!



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