Here is a word vomit.

I am going to be opening up a new kindergarten class at the school that I work for. Kindergarten is a magical time for kids and parents, and it can be atrocious for the teachers. That age is hard to manage because the kids are so excited about everything and they have so much energy. The workload is exhausting, but the constant behavior issues are another problem. I think their favorite word is “teacher!” Of course, everyone has to go to the potty. I am already tried and the class hasn’t even started yet.

While I was putting the classroom together, I kept noticing colors. Have you ever stopped and just looked at the natural colors of the world? The skin is blue, the grass is green, dirt is brown, and so on. I don’t think I ever just topped and appreciated the different colors that God has given us. I have never stopped to appreciate the vibrant colors of fruits and vegetables. Who named the colors of the world?

I did a google search and I found an article about naming the colors of the world. Before they had names, they were called descriptive words like dull or vibrant.

Here’s the full article about the history of colors.

Color is such a beautiful touch to our lives and I don’t appreciate it enough.

When I was a little girl, my favorite color was cherry red. I still love cherry red but I can’t decide on a favorite. Every color is beautiful.

Seriously though, I really appreciate color. Take a minute and look at all the beautiful colors everywhere.

Now I am going to express some frustrations.

Covid19 has been just a life-changing situation for every single person in the world. I know most people lost their jobs. There were people who lost their lives.

I want to talk about vaccinations today. In L.A. county, there is a mandate that proof of vaccination must be shown if you are going to a restaurant. The proof is required in many different areas but I want to mention this one because it affects me directly. Monday was the first day that we had to start checking for vaccination cards. Some customers were extremely enthusiastic while others were not so much. I have been asked so many times about what my belief is in regards to vaccines. Sometimes I am scared to even answer because I am afraid of being attacked or judged. In my opinion, anti-vaccination and pro-vaccination people can be very extreme. I am not saying everyone but some of these folks are very scary. I don’t even like talking about vaccines with my friends because our beliefs are so different. I have heard many arguments but two of the most extreme comments were that vaccines are made out of dead babies and that people who don’t get vaccines are killing people. These comments made me shutter from the inside. It’s mean on both sides. I have heard customers argue that their family members have died from getting the vaccine and some have just expressed being scared. Pro-vaccinators argue that medicine has come a long way and they have been preparing for the next outbreak, which is why the vaccine came out so fast. They attack those that aren’t vaccinated. Judge them for going out and blame them for the high covid 19 cases. Then I have seen the anti-maskers. They walk into the restaurant with no mask and yell at you when you ask them to put it on.

All of this is ludicrous.

Believe it or not, I am undecided. I think both sides have valid points. The most simple of argument is that if you want to get the vaccine then respect that and if you don’t want to get the vaccine then respect it. There is so much politics and finger-pointing. Why not educate each other but even then we would be arguing about who is right or wrong. I am just so tired of hearing it all.

I was hesitant of getting the vaccine. I didn’t get my shot until July but I was tested every single week. I had to be tested because of my job. I practiced wearing a mask and did my best to do my part. Once I knew that I was going to be going to a couple of events with huge crowds then I decided it was time. My entire family got the shot around the same time. We were still judged because we didn’t get the virus in March and waited until we were comfortable. My extended family argued with my immediate family about it. You know what? I did feel pressure to get the shot. I was scared to tell people that I didn’t have it.

Moving forward, like restaurants weren’t hurting enough, now we need someone to check for vaccinations and I.D. Guess what? The servers have to do it while tending to the hundred things I have to do. Mind you, if a guest is sitting on the patio, they are being judged. I had a table asking me if the folks sitting outside aren’t vaccinated? I replied that some are and some aren’t. She started complaining about those that aren’t vaccinated. -__- This was happening all night from both sides. A non-vaccinator complained about what the world has come to and how no other restaurants check. I really wanted to say “man, I am just trying to do my job here.”

Honestly, I just want to stay out of it. It is exhausting being in the middle of these people. I don’t choose any sides. I choose to be human and show empathy.



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