Horror films have always been my top go-to genre. I grew up with four older brothers so basically every other genre was out of the cards. We loved watching the paranormal television shows on television about haunted houses and so on. Let me some it up to this, most kids have seen all the Disney movies but the only one I had seen was Beauty and the Beast. Instead, I had seen all the scary films that Blockbuster and Hollywood Video had to offer. When Time Warner Cable started doing orders on demand for less than $5 bucks a movie, we were hooked. My older brother wasn’t happy about the bill since he was responsible for it.

What was our obsession with all of these films? I am not sure. We weren’t like Dawson Leery from Dawson’s Creek, who knew every director. Actually, I don’t even remember who directed most of those if not all of them. It wasn’t about the knowledge. It was about the feelings it brought us. It was a thrill like no other. At some point, we’re obsessed with scary stuff. We were convinced that our home was haunted and loved to hear stories of other paranormal activities within our family.

At some point though, horror films became less exciting. At times I think it’s because we all grew up. It took a while but it happened. We stopped having movie night because everyone started branching off into their own lives.

You better believe that I still love horror films! I have expanded my genres but horror films are still my favorite.

So…guess what movie just came out?



I was so excited!

I am a huge Halloween (Michael Myers) fan. John Carpenter’s Halloween is one of my all-time favorite films for many reasons. Still, I was not that excited for Blumhouse’s new Halloween films. I will say that I appreciate that I get to see Michael Myers on screen again. When I found out there is going to be a new Scream, I was thrilled. I love Ghostface. Wes Craven’s original Scream was amazing. In general, Ghostface is an awesome character. I enjoyed the character in the Scary Movie parodies. I never laughed so hard than when Ghostface got high and trust me it takes a lot to make me laugh until I cry.

I don’t want to spoil anything for anyone that hasn’t seen the film so I won’t get into it. I will say that I loved the trailer for it. It was great hearing Ghostface saying it’s an honor to meet the original victims.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t having a blast watching it. I don’t know if it’s because I have become so jaded but horror films don’t hit the same way they use to. I was trying to figure out who the killer was throughout the film so that kept me on edge. I am so glad that us fans got another movie but I wish I could enjoy it more. Why can’t I? Is it me? Does anyone else have this problem? Man, it frustrates me because I love the genre so much. I felt similar when I watched the new Halloween films. It just didn’t jazz me up the way I hoped.

The first ten minutes of the original Scream was amazing. Drew Barrymore was perfect. Laurie Strode was perfect in the original Halloween. Maybe it’s all been done too much?

Hope everyone is doing well!



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