Eid years ago.

Happy Eid. May your prayers and fast be accepted by God.

This is the traditional greeting that Muslims say to each other on Eid morning after a month of fasting along with three kisses on the cheek. The children are given Eid money from the adults. All Muslims are to wear new clothing or their best clothing. There is an Eid prayer early in the morning and you are to take a different route home that day. On Eid day, no one should be working instead everyone should be celebrating. Celebrations include eating sweets and visiting family and friends. Muslims expect guests on Eid therefore their homes are ready for guests with tables full of pastries. Families usually start with visiting the eldest first and then going from there.

As a kid, Eid was always fun. Eid lasts three consecutive days. My father would wake up early to attend Eid prayer at the mosque. He would come back home with a box of donuts. My siblings and I would be wearing brand new clothes. One specific Eid, I remember wearing green bell-bottom jeans with a long sleeve green top. I loved the outfit. On the first day of Eid, we would always spend the day at my grandma’s house. All my aunts, uncles, and cousins would come too. On the second day of Eid, everyone would go to my aunt’s house and on the third day of Eid, everyone would come to my house. Sometimes we would go to one of my uncle’s houses but not always. It would be a blast. It was three days filled with playing with my cousins and going on adventures. Also, it was three days of bombarding my uncles to give us Eid money. It was loads of fun.

Times have changed. Now I have to be an adult. I took the first day of Eid off and I lost money because it wasn’t paid time off. Still, I wanted to celebrate the day. I had breakfast with my immediate family and visited my grandmother. At my grandmother’s home, it was just the elders. I didn’t see any of my cousins. I tried to visit a cine file store, and have all-you-can-eat pizza too but it was all closed. It was a nice day and one of the better Eids that I have had as an adult. Still, I reminisced of a time when it was three days of festivities. For the second day of Eid, I had family come over to my parent’s home but I had to work. For the third day, it just becomes another day. My uncles love to share how exciting Eid is back in Afghanistan. He like to share how there were festivals in the streets and everyone was celebrating. It sounds beautiful. Maybe someday I will be able to experience Eid in a Muslim country. For now, I am grateful for what I have. Although things have changed since I was a child, I am still grateful for the past and the present.

Eid Mubarak. May your fast and prayers be accepted.



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