Inner city Filmmakers was when I learned about L.A. traffic. I have grown up on Los Angeles but I had no idea that I could sit in traffic for three hours. One day on my way to school, a tree had fallen on Sepulvada Blvd which caused us to be in traffic.

What made it worse was that there was construction on Sepulvada Blvd which added to the traffic. So we would sit in my hot ass car with the windows not coming down. Once again no ac in traffic for hours. I’d play my burned mixed cds and chat it up with karla. Some days, we would go get dinner to let traffic pass. We were close by a panda express and a baja fresh.


Some days, we would just stay at school. We would hang out with the rest of our classmates. One night we all hung out in the parking lot of our school. We just played music and talked. At this point, we were all friends and just hanging out. We spent some evenings playing a movie in the conference room. One of the films was the human centipede. I don’t even remember it but I do rememeber we were all grossed out. We spent some summer nights driving to In n Out to get food or Jack in the Box. One night I was fasting because Ramadan was in the Summer. We went to Jack in the Box to get food and when we got back to the office, my sandwich had bacon in it. What a let down.


It wasn’t just the students that would hang out, some of the alumini of ICF would hang out too. The alumini were working as teacher assistants so they were there as much as we were. They were cool and older. There was John, Tal, Allen, Ceasar, Steve, Josh, Ani, elizabeth, Sean, Adrian and more. They were there to support us and help us get through the Summer. I bonded with alot of these folks. Its crazy because we became like a family.

Watching movies

We played football at night which was fun too.




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