Team A during our pitch meeting.

I had to come up with a script. It was to be three minutes long with no dialogues. Essentially, it was a silent movie. I had to keep in mind the limitations that I had in terms of budget. There was no budget. Each student had two days to film their movie and hot meals needed to be provided for everyone on the crew. As the director and writer, I was responsible for delegating what I needed from my teammates. Each person was assigned a role. I had a producer, assistant director, cinematographer, production assistant, and script supervisor. During my teammates’ shoots, I would be assigned one of these roles. One of the most challenging parts was writing the story. My screenwriting instructor was Scott Sturgeon. He gave us tips and had us pitch our stories for practice since we had to really pitch the idea to Fred and Stephanya. I had a couple of ideas. The first was about a ballerina whose parents didn’t want her to dance because of her culture. I kept thinking about the visuals and how beautiful it would look. My mentor, Jeffrey Berman, mentioned that we should think about the things we have access to for filming. Suddenly, a light bolt went on. I have access to an old-school toy store. I worked in one! All of a sudden everyone was excited about this shoot. I was excited. The short film was going to be a horror movie. I went home and I started brainstorming. I had multiple versions of the script. I would send my drafts to John Nomis, who was the writing teacher’s assistant. I loved working with John also known as Nomis. He was such a force of talent. I remember when I needed help writing a thesis statement, he would reword what I had and it was amazing that my thoughts were written so amazingly. It wasn’t easy writing a script and I struggled. I loved horror movies but it can be a huge challenge writing one. Horror movies are all lighting and jump scares are great but the struggle with horror movies is how to end them. Most horror films have bad endings. So after man revisions, I finally had something to pitch after a week of intense writing and development. I went to the toy store and asked permission from my boss and they agreed. They said we would work out the details and I was so touched by their kindness. I took photos of the toy store to help with the pitch meeting. The pitch meeting was nerve wrecking but The Toy Store got the green light.



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