A green light meant I was going to direct my first short film and it was going to be my all-time favorite genre, HORROR! I needed to figure out what the movie’s style would be and everyone around me kept telling me how vital lighting would be to make this movie badass. I had some ground rules already. I don’t enjoy gore. I respect it but my movie wasn’t going to be gore. I enjoy subtle horror and I tried to stay true to that. The ending was tough but I figured it out. I had my teammates helping when they could but they also had their own shorts to worry about. I needed to figure out how to feed the crew for free for two days. I needed to provide dinner and breakfast. My film shoot was one of the hardest we did out of all the group members. We had to shoot the short after the store closed, which was 8pm. The goal was to film from 6am till 10am and then come back from 8pm till 11pm. This was the schedule for two days. Rissa, the store manager, came in early to open up the store for us because I didn’t have a key. Ron, the owner, stayed late into the evening while we filmed. I was so appreciative of their help because their schedules would be disturbed for two days and that can be super aggravating. But, they believed in me and they were willing to help.

Next, I thought of all the places I go to like the coffee bean, and chipotle. I’d go to these spots almost every day. Back then, I was super social. I would talk to everyone and I knew everyone’s name for the most part. Jaime, the manager of Chipotle, was always so kind to me. I told him about my project and let him know he could tax right off it. He agreed immediately. He was going to provide twenty burritos for each night and if I needed more, he said to let him know. The manager at coffee bean provided me with coffee for both mornings. For breakfast, my sister went to Western bagel the night before. They would throw out all their bagels for the day to make fresh ones the next day. So my sister would go pick them up and we had bagels for the morning. It is crazy how things just started to come together when you just start putting things into action. There are really good people out there who are willing to help. I never feel like thank you is enough though. The script was ready. The props were ready. The food was ready. The location was locked in. Now I had to cast my movie! We had a whole weekend of casting. I had to figure out how to post the role on casting websites.

I did it though. I cast the movie and now it was time to hit the lights, roll the camera and yell action!



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