After a ten-day heat wave, Los Angeles finally is getting some rain. Frshta, sits at a local cafe in Sherman Oaks. She enjoys this outdoor care with stream lights dangling from the ceiling but had stopped coming. On one particular visit a couple months ago, she headed over to use the loo ( the bathroom or toilet). Side note, she liked to say the loo like British folks because one of her dearest coworkers was British and has taught her some British jargon. Anywho, when Frshta walked out to the loo her friend was waiting for her but he looked disturbed. “Whatever has happened,” she said. Her friend informed her that he had in fact witnessed a ratatouille coming out of the kitchen. Both of them looked a little disheveled. Still, they understood that these things happened. Frshta called the cafe and let them know about the situation. They were extremely apologetic. Frshta and her friend took a walk before they headed to their separate homes when they noticed trucks that specialized in the termination of rats. They concluded that the whole area might have a problem. A little further from the cafe, they witnessed the horrible death of a ratatouille in a rat trap.

My apologies readers, I tend to get sidetracked. Let’s get back to the story. Frshta finally felt ready to get back to this cafe. She wanted a place where she could sit outside and watch the rain while she did some writing and reading. She ordered a soup, salad, and half sandwich combo with a latte. The heat wave was still in full effect and the humidity was taking over but she wanted to feel close to God and watching the beautiful clouds cry made her feel close to God. The entire week as she drove from job to job in LA traffic, she could help but gaze up at the sky and admire the beauty of the sky. She wished her windscreen wasn’t so filthy so she could take a nice photo or have a better view. She wasn’t good about keeping her car clean and she wasn’t proud of this somewhat lazy quality of hers.

So she sat on this patio and stared out into the street. There were all of these strange distractions even though all she wanted to was slow down, read, eat and appreciate God’s creations. Instead, she witness an ambulance and firefighter speeding right towards a building adjacent to where she was trying to slow down. She hoped everything was okay and felt nervous when the firefighter turned toward where her car was parked. “What if I get trapped,” She thought. Her usual anxiety came to steal her peace but the ambulance and firefighters came and left. She had all kinds of anxious thoughts this week and she kept praying they would go away. She tried different strategies that her therapist but not really therapist taught her. Sometimes they helped but sometimes the anxiety would consume her.

Her salad had no dressing and her coffee tasted bland. She sipped on her soup but keep thinking about a story her uncle told her when he first came to America. He went to a Mexican restaurant next to where he worked. One of the employees was his friend. His friend told him don’t eat the soup, they pulled a rat from it this morning. It was there all night. Her uncle always liked to share this story in hopes of encouraging us to limit how much outside food we consumed. To say the least, she wasn’t enjoying the food. The busser made small talk with her and she appreciated it. There were no other customers since this place was known for its breakfast.

There were a lot of cars honking while she ate her food. Then when traffic finally settled down. She was starting to experience this nagging migraine. She had all week but it was on and off. She felt tired and weak. Probably because she was sitting in the heat with all the intentions of appreciating God’s glory. She mentioned to the busser, Victor, that rain was supposed to come soon but he said “nope it will come tomorrow.” She disagreed. “It will come tonight sir!”

She tried to eagerly read and work on “Secrets of Divine Love Journal” or “The Artist’s Way” but the nagging migraine wasn’t having it. She shut the book in frustration. She has been wanting to work on these self-help books but she hasn’t been able to make time and as soon as she did slow down, she would feel tired and sleepy


She didn’t want to sit there and do nothing. So she decided to turn on her Hulu on her laptop and put on her air pods even though she had a painful pimple in her ear. She watched her “whenever I just want something on but don’t have to pay too much attention show,” “Better Things” By Pamela Adlon.

Her best friend Aaron recommended this show to her. One of her favorite shows ever was love by Judd Apatow and Aaron has suggested that one to her too. She had rewatched love many times and inspired her in so many ways and sometimes she didn’t even know what those ways work. The important thing was it made her feel on days when she hadn’t felt anything at all. She trusted Aaron‘s judgment and had started watching better things a couple months ago. She enjoyed it and I had these hard messages. She wasn’t hooked where she had to watch every single episode asap instead, she watched it at her leisure which she appreciated. The show had a simple logline A single mother facing challenges raising her three adolescent daughters. Boy did that sound boring to her at first but she still decided to give it a try and she is glad she did. The episode was almost ending and she noticed that it had this sad tone to it almost as if the show was ending. She knew The show only had five seasons and she was on season five. She looked at the episode count and lo and behold she was on the last episode. “What the hell,” she thought. “Now I have to go look for something to watch while I sit here trying to get rid of this annoying headache. I don’t have the energy or the brain power to look for another show to watch now.” This last episode of better things had dark lighting so she couldn’t really see the screen even though the brightness was all the way up on her laptop. She kept watching even though she couldn’t see the screen and there was so much noise from the street that she could barely hear even though her volume was all the way up. By the end of the episode, her headache was gone. She had bulbs of tears in her eyes that didn’t feel like dropping yet. She was going to miss Sam Fox from better things. Whenever one of her favorite shows ended, Frshta felt like she was saying goodbye to someone she loved dearly. She wished the show didn’t end yet because there were so many more stories that she wanted to hear from these characters.

Then abruptly a family of three sat next to her. It was a Caucasian family, a husband, and wife, and their little boy and another one in the oven. She didn’t mind them. Although she didn’t love being an elementary school teacher she still liked kids when she didn’t have to teach them or discipline them.

A little while later, it rained. She watched folks with their heavy jackets and hoodies on. All she wanted to do was walk in the rain which she did a little while later. Finally, a bit of relief about a long heat wave.



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