After all our shoots were done and we made some badass memories. We spent the next two weeks in the editing room. The editing room was stressful for me. We had an audio engineer, Eric, and Paul as our editing teachers. Both of these folks worked in the film industry.

Hours of editing

Actually, all our instructors worked in the film industry for years if not decades. Eric gave us a tour of the audio department at Universal studios. He showed us examples of how to record sounds and audio. He shared the importance of b-roll. Of course, he showed us all of this before we did our shoots. Paul was with us while we were editing our shorts. We also had some alumni come in and help out. It was complex and tedious. It was hours and hours of looking at footage and me regretting how many shots of the same scene I shot. I had to name each shot so I wouldn’t be confused.

I had Adrian help me since he did a horror short the previous year when he was going to school. He was pretty good at editing. I finally locked down the picture and then I had to add the audio. There was no dialogue but sound is everything for a horror film.

Eric. One of my teachers that I kept in touch with. More stories about this in the future.

Honestly, I have so much respect for editors. I mean I had effects and I was struggling. I learned a lot.

We were right at the finish line.

Only few things were left, Morp aka Prom and graduation along with the screening of films. 



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