It is the last whole week of the spooky season.

I want to give you, my readers, another spooky story.

This week was my first week in my new position as an ESL teacher. I never wanted to become an ESL teacher. Actually, I kept saying no for years. My brother is in the ESL/ adult education world and he kept trying to convince me to join him. I wasn’t interested at all.

I was interested in teaching college or possibly going back into the arts somehow. It wasn’t happening as much as I tried but my brother kept telling me about opportunities in ESL. I always made an excuse. I don’t like the hours, it is too far and so on.

The fall semester of 2022 started and here I was again teaching elementary kids as a sub. I was mentally tired and I didn’t know if I had the resilience in me to keep going. What if nothing better came? I knew in my bones that I did not want to teach elementary kids full-time. I had been offered a position as a full-time teacher a couple times. I would have to get my credential and teach simultaneously. I turned it down. I was told I had a talent for teaching but honestly, I don’t. The more I was trying to be convinced the more I strayed away from it. It was just such a stressful job. The parents, the behavior issues, and the bureaucracy are too much. At the same time, I was exhausted as a sub. I was tired of being pushed around by the administration that supposedly loved me but kept making me feel unappreciated. I was over it.

So one day my brother told me that a new virtual adult school was opening up. I decided to apply. The hours were good and it would be virtual. I had two interviews and a couple of weeks later, I was hired. It was a smooth transition. I couldn’t believe it happened so smoothly.

I let my colleagues know at the elementary schools and they didn’t react that well. It was odd. They weren’t happy. I didn’t worry about it. I was a bit sad but I decided to focus on the good. During that last week of work, odd things kept happening to me. I got into almost three car accidents. Then I found a moth in my car. The moth followed me home. I googled what moths mean and of course, it said the worst thing. The first thing that came up was death. What the hell? I looked more into it and it talked about moths representing change and the souls of the dead and dying. I prayed and tried to get this out of my head. It was all a coincidence, right? My mom made me feel better about it too. In Afghanistan, it represents the souls of the dead too. When they would see a moth, they thought it was the soul of a deceased family member.

Then on the first day of my new job I was somewhat looking forward too. It was something new. I was trying to be positive. I woke up with a raging migraine on the right side of my brain. I have no idea what triggered it. As I drove to work, it got worse. I was able to function. I got my key to my new classroom and it was set up day. I was on my own for most of the day except for the tech guy setting up my computer.

Around 10am, my migraine became worse. I was alone in the classroom when I started to feel nauseous. I ended up throwing up. I felt horrible. I needed to go home but I kept thinking how am I supposed to tell my new job on my first day that I don’t feel good and needed to leave.

I have been feeling sick all week. My head has been hurting nonstop. I genuinely feel ill. My throat, nose, and ear. My ear started hurting out of nowhere today.

Am I cursed?

Did I get some type of bad energy on me?

I can’t help but feel spooked.

God protect me.



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