My first visit to Frank and Sons Collectibles was back in my early 20s. One of my best friends kept annoying me until I agreed to go. I had no interest, but he kept saying how amazing it was.

Frank and Sons Collectibles is located in the City of Industry, about an hour from Los Angeles. Since my first visit there, Frank and Sons moved about seven minutes closer to me. So now it is 53 minutes away, depending on traffic. Initially, it was in a giant warehouse with horrible parking. Frank and Sons were only open Wednesdays and Fridays back at its original location, but now it is also open Sundays. The actual location was more word of mouth. Kinda like “if you know, then you know” because the outside of the building gave no indications that there was something in it, and neither did the banner. It was remarkable that it was in this secret warehouse, and only some knew about it.

I haven’t explained what it is here it is. Frank and Sons is a giant swap meet for collectibles such as sports memorabilia, collectible toys, original art, and handmade items. That is the best way I can describe it. It’s like the dealers/vendors hall at the convention like Comic-Con or Monsterpalooza. It is a bit shabbier than those cons.

The new location is a lot nicer than the original location. They have a giant sign and a big parking lot. When you walk in, there are a giant Toys R Us sign to the left on the wall. It is a good description of the place.

  1. A section for card game lovers like Magic the Gathering, Pokemon, etc.
  2. A section for handmade items.
  3. A section for t-shirts and other clothing.
  4. Hand-drawn art and not hand-drawn art.
  5. Sports vendors for cards and other memorabilia.
  6. Action figures, Video games, Disney merchandise, and plush.
  7. And tons of more stuff.

This warehouse is enormous. It’s like Costco for collector’s items.

Alright, so what do I think of this place? It’s a fantastic place, and I highly recommend everyone visit it at least once, especially if you have children. They will enjoy it and experience a somewhat traditional toy store setting instead of Target or Walmart. Make a day of it if you live outside the area. The Puente Hills Mall is right around the corner. Fun Fact: They filled Back to the Future in that mall parking lot. The mall is pretty abandoned, but a Round 1 (Arcade and Bowling ) and an AMC theater exist. There are a lot of places to eat too. One of the cons of Frank and Sons is it gets repetitive. It’s usually the same vendors with similar products. Back in the day, people would go to Frank and Sons for deals and bargains, but now the prices are just as high, if not higher, than anywhere else. Some vendors still keep it reasonable, but there are no deals like back in the day.

I’d only give this two tomatoes, but it is pretty cool, and it doesn’t deserve any more tomatoes to be thrown at it.



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