On one of my first days there, I learned what was expected from me. My responsibilities included answering phone calls and checking emails. It was a Friday, and my hours were from 9 am- 7 pm. But, around 7 pm, Barry asked me if I could stay a little longer. I said sure. Then he explained that he had a flat tire and asked if I could find a tire shop. He walked over to his desk and started talking on the phone. It sounded important. So, I looked up tire shops, and everything was closed. I mean, it was Friday night…then he told me he had Triple-A after I interrupted his phone call. Then he looked at my face and saw how I was struggling. LOL Then he said, “Frshta if your mom was in this situation…what would you do?… Now whatever you would do for her..do for me..” LOL So I called Triple-A, and when the guy finally got to the building, he was lost. I had no idea where anything was. Barry sent me down to his car so that Triple-A could check it, but I didn’t even know what kind of car he had….oh and the car was a rental. So here I am in the underground parking lot looking for a vehicle with a flat tire with the Triple-A guy on the phone..trying to give him directions at almost 9 pm. Finally, Triple A guy found me…he was a weird man that made me uncomfortable…so Barry came down…because they needed his I.D…….and guess what…they couldn’t even change the tire because the rental didn’t have a spare. I offered Barry a ride, but he said he was fine. When the Triple-A guy left, Barry accused me of flirting with the guy. LOL, I was mortified because that was not the case. I was trying to get the task done. I got home at almost 10 PM. I laid in bed thinking ..wow.. what a day.

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