It’s officially winter recess! I feel immense joy getting a break from working in educational institutions. For the first time in forever, I feel excited to be off work, don’t get me wrong. I’m always happy during my breaks, but this is different. Usually, during any of my winter, summer, or spring recesses, I give myself many tasks I need to accomplish. A bunch of things that I assume is going to bring me joy. I usually do none of it and feel guilty about not doing it. OK, I’m exaggerating. I do some of it, but I’m always stressed out about it, so this year I took a different approach to my winter recess. I gave myself nothing to do. I permitted myself to do nothing; it feels so good, and releasing is the best term I can think of.I feel lighter, like a weight is lifted off my shoulder. Today I woke up at six in the morning, and it was such a nice feeling. Knowing that I had nowhere that I needed to be, the fact that I was wide awake made me laugh because I had to drag myself out of bed every day to get ready for work. It’s interesting how I automatically felt so rested and could run a mile. Instead, I got back into bed and fell asleep till about nine-ish. I felt a little anxious when I went back to bed because I thought I should take advantage and get up and do a bunch of things I needed to do, like cleaning up my room, writing, and Wednesday’s blog, but I stopped myself. This is your winter recess. Relax. I felt like running when I got up, so I spontaneously put on my gym clothes and headed toward the gym.
I got on the treadmill and did a nice 20-minute run. My soul needed to be replenished because I’d been missing God. I tend to give myself a hard time for not being a better Muslim, but I like to remind myself that my faith is my own. Sometimes religion can feel like a bunch of tasks I have to complete. This is not how I want my relationship to be with my faith. So I pivot and try to find ways to make it my own. What I did for my soul today was listen to some beautiful lectures on defending the teachings of Islam. This is perfect because I only enjoy listening to music at the gym sometimes. I’m not in the mood for a horror podcast or an audiobook. It was a fantastic way to start my morning.

I vow to relax this winter recess and allow my body and soul to rest. I vow to go with the flow and not let fear or anything get in my way. I will protect my energy by only allowing positivity, even on not-so-good days. Let things happen organically.

Have a good holiday, folks!



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