I was so excited about Damien Chazelle’s next movie Babylon. As I mentioned, Damien Chazelle captured my heart, like many other hearts, by creating La La Land in 2016. I was excited to watch a movie that was going to make me ignite a fire in me and inspire some beautiful emotions. I had no idea what the film would be about, and from the glimpses, I saw online about the trailer, I was excited. I thought Margot Robbie looked magnificent in red. I tried not to read too much about the film because I wanted to be surprised.

The film starts with a wild scene of men trying to get an elephant up a hill, and the elephant dumps a load of poop all over the place. Gross. Then, there is an over-the-top house party. It is the most extended opening scene ever. The house party creates an opportunity for the two film leads, Nellie and Manuel, in the film industry. Nellie finds her way into becoming an actress while Manuel builds his way up in the industry as an executive. The film also follows Brad Pitt, aka Jack Conrad.

The movie was three hours long, and a lot happened. I want to highlight some parts that stood out to me.

First, Margot Robbie fighting a snake was hilarious. Margot Robbie freaking out at the audio guy because he kept having an issue with sound was also funny. Margot Robbie kept reminding me of her Harley Quinn character, wild with a jersey accent. Seeing Manuel beat the odds and make a name for himself was lovely. It was also lovely to see how much he loved Margot. I love the music for the film. It had a similar soundtrack to
La La Land.

Overall, the film reminded me of a Tarantino movie. It was long with different characters and had some great scenes. Overall, the movie disappointed me. I was utterly excited about it and expected it to be another fantastic piece like La La Land, but it wasn’t. I left the theater feeling upset. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t what I expected either. I also danced in the empty theater to the music playing over the credits. That was fun.

The film was everything disgusting about the film industry. It truly is Babylon, a place full of sin. I guess I am still figuring out my feelings. I felt sorry for these filmmakers. There is a need to mean something or feel validated and loved. Brad Pitt’s character only started realizing who his make-up artist was at the end of his legacy, when he was becoming a nobody, well, in his eyes at least. I think it is important to appreciate life and have respect for it. This film brings forth an important topic, what makes us worthy? I am not a famous actor, but I understand chasing something that brings me glory. I can understand how great it is to be loved by others and how it always ends. It is meant to end. It reminds me of when I used to be active on social media. I would love the attention I would get and crave it. Thank the lord, I stopped, and now that I am on the other side, I can see how toxic that was. Sometimes I miss it, but I never want to return to that. Of course this is a smaller scale situation, but the point is that the feelings are similar.

I threw three tomatoes at this film because it wasn’t my cup of tea. As always, I appreciate all filmmakers, but yeah…I didn’t love it. I want to make a movie about Hollywood. I think it would be great.



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