The Glass Castle Book Review:

Jeanette Walls writes the Glass Castle. It is a memoir about Ms. Walls’s life, her parents, and three siblings. Jeannette was the second oldest. It went like this Lori, Jeanette, Brian, and Maureen. The family was nomads or homeless depending on how you want to depict their situation. The parents taught their kids as much as they could. They spent nights sleeping under the stars and going on adventures. They also spent a lot of nights cold and hungry. At one point, Rex, their father, became so consumed with his addiction that he would spend all their money on booze. The kids grew up to fast and started finding a way to make money by getting jobs. The kids left for New York one by one until one dreadful day, their parents decided to follow them to New York. Their parents were mainly homeless or found somewhere to squat. Their kids tried to help, but it didn’t work out. I will stop there so something can be left a surprise when you guys read it.

My best friend, Tracy, and I have a book club with only two members. She chose the book The Glass Castle, and we both enjoyed it. It quickly became a page-turner for me.

Once we finished the book, we decided to watch the film, which was available through an Amazon Prime subscription.

The book was great, and I gave it only one tomato just because I didn’t think it deserved no tomatoes. The movie earned a whopping four tomatoes because it was all over the place. It did not stay true to the story. The timeline needed to be corrected, and they added details not in the book. Honestly, movie adaptations usually suck anyways. I did enjoy the overall style of the film. It has warm colors.



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