After a long week of feeling the blues, I was told to put together a list of things that cheer me up. Honestly, it is such a simple question, but it stumped me. I can’t indulge in foods I enjoy because I fear gaining weight. I wish I could indulge in ice cream, but I lack self-control. I have been indulging in foods, though, and I have lost control. I have been eating junk food, and I am not looking forward to eating healthy at all. When I think about eating protein meats, I feel nauseous. I have spent the last few days feeling like crap from either food poising or the stomach flu. Since I got sick, I have only wanted carbs like toast or anything with sugar. I haven’t been able to exercise either since I have been ill. All of this is adding to my overall sad mood. Laying in bed all day has been making me lazy. I know I will feel better if I get up, but I don’t have the energy. I didn’t even write Monday’s blog this week, and I need something to review for Friday. I wasn’t going to write today’s blog, but I am pushing myself.

So back to the point of this blog…what cheers me up?

Watching Rugrats cheers me up. I have been doing that. It helps me not think, and it reminds me of my childhood.

Everything that I would usually add to the list is not cutting it right now.

Moving my body in some form of exercise can cheer me up.

Watching a live comedy show or a live show is fun.

Usually, hanging out with my pets, going to the movies, reading, watching tv, writing, and eat good food, but none of this makes me feel anything right now.

I am going to keep trying to add to this list. I am going to keep trying to make a cheer-up list.



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