I am back with another blog for Bla blah Land after a new week’s hiatus. In my last blog, I explained that I started sending out resumes and recommendation letters. Nothing panned out. I ended my internship with Barry Katz after six months. Also, I ended up graduating from college with my BA in Communications studies. Since I had more free time, I ended up picking up a second job at a restaurant as a hostess with the promise of becoming a server within four months. I had no server experience, but I was determined. At the same time, I was eager to start my next adventure in the film industry.

On one sunny hot day during the Summer, I was having a conversation with a coworker while I was wrapping a customer’s gift. I explained to my coworker the steps I am taking to get hired at Blumhouse Productions. I decided to send letters and call as often as possible. The customer jumped into our conversation; his name was Jesse. He said, “I can help you get into Blumhouse; my friend works there.” I was shocked, and I took it as faith. I was meant to go to Blumhouse. I gave him my email address, and he would email me. WOAH. I was excited and kept checking my emails when I finally got one from Jesse. He linked me to a woman named Olivia. Olivia invited me to the Blumhouse offices. I showed up with my reel of films that I had worked on for ICF, my resume, and recommendation letters. I was ready to impress her and get hired on the spot.

Guess what?

That didn’t happen. She gave me ten minutes and took my disk with my reel. She was nice, but I didn’t feel a connection. I emailed Olivia once a week for an opportunity and sent her a thank you card. She was kind and always replied back. She told me I had no experience and couldn’t get a job at Blumhouse until I had some actual experience.

I wasn’t going to give up.



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