Hey, I’ve been on this journey of finding things to cheer me up so that I can compile a list to look at whenever I’m feeling down. I mentioned before that I’ve loved watching Rugrats since I was a little girl, and I still watch it. Sometimes I just don’t want my brain to think, and I just put something on to help my mind relax. I did something exciting and simple this past weekend. I went into a sprouts supermarket. I loved to go to sprouts a couple years back when it was across the street from one of my jobs. Now there are no sprouts near me, so whenever I go into one, it feels like a treat. In sprouts, there are these barrels full of nuts and candies and chocolates and so on. You can grab a little bag and fill it up as much as you want or as little as you want. It goes by the pound. It was so much fun just looking at different treats and picking out one or two. At the moment, I didn’t realize how much fun I was having doing this. I realized how much fun I was having afterward when I was indulging in the treats, I thought to myself wow, such a simple thing, but I had a good time. It wasn’t too expensive, and it wasn’t too much of something either since I got to choose the quantity. Next, I spend a lot of time walking around for exercise or at my serving job. I really enjoy walking. This is a habit that I didn’t always have. My parents always took us for walks, but I really started loving doing it during the pandemic. I would wake up before my job started and go for a nice little 30-minute run/walk. During my lunch break and I’d go for another walk. Unknowingly, I started falling in love with this activity and enjoying my neighborhood. I love it so much that whenever I look for a condo or townhouse to purchase, I always want to make sure that it’s walkable. I also like parking my car in a random neighborhood and going for a nice long walk looking at the different types of architecture or just cool little stores. I went for a two-hour walk with my best friend, and it was so much fun to explore her neighborhood. I went on another walk with my other best friend for 30 minutes, but it was still such a nice little walk. I love the secret gems that I can find while walking. I never knew many homes had a nesting area for birds built into the architecture. I found a really cool Portuguese café that’s only open on the weekends.

Oh! I made a video. I feel super self-conscious, but I am posting it anyway. Let me know what you think?

Super nervous but here’s an attempt to share my feelings.

Cheers to trying new things,


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