I just finished watching The Banshees of Inisherin. I chose to watch it since it’s Oscar-nominated for best picture. I haven’t seen Colin Farrell in a movie in so long. I am trying to remember if I’ve seen him in a film before or knew who he was because he dated Britney Spears briefly. The movie had beautiful scenes that frightened me. Sometimes well, not sometimes, all the time, the beauty of the Earth makes me feel overwhelmed, dizzy, minor, and utterly insane. God makes me feel like I have control over anything, and I’m an ant in a giant universe. I can’t live by large bodies of water because it scares me. It’s beautiful and frightening all at the same time. It reminds me of our immortality in this world. I’m getting older, and nobody knows how much longer I have or any of us. Knock on wood. I am scared.

The film had many evolving themes, which included grief, abandonment, emptiness, loneliness, sadness, friendship, love, attachment, strength, and so on. It’s a powerful film when it could have so many representations of different themes. So although I felt sadness. I was still astounded by the film. I connected with Colin Farrell’s character. I have felt what he has felt. I’ve loved friends so much that I would do anything to get them back. I would have done anything to have them love me again. I would make up reasons to keep trying. I also felt frustrated with Brenden, aka Colm’s character. His words and reasoning behind abandoning his friend hurt me. It was harder for both of them to let each other go since they lived in such a small community, and both did not have much to do. It was a good film, and I appreciate it for what it was. I’m glad I’m not the only insane one that chases after friends, even though they treat you like shit. But there came a time and point when you had enough and finally learned to let go and move on. I’ve learned from all my previous friendships and my current friendships. I’ve learned to value myself more than anything because God has created me and makes no mistakes. And before anybody else can love me, I have to love myself, and I do.

Anyways, enough of my rambling. I think this movie is going to win. Go watch it.

I give it one tomato.



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