Random truck

Hi readers,

I am tired but I wanted to post.

Here are some photos of this past weekend.

It has been a long week.

Washroom in a random cafe

Valentine’s Day seems to be all week this week. It is not easy being a server during these types of holidays. So many people. Urg. It was like 5 hours of non-stop serving.

My feet ache.

My right arm and shoulder are hurting. I think I have injured it. It started feeling numb on Valentine’s Day night. I had to start using my left arm.

My fingers are tired.

Coffee pop up in Sunland

All of me is tired, including my brain.

Still, I am in good spirits.

I am doing my best to sleep more.

Living right here right now, folks, and it feels good.

Bloody Valentine : Dracula

Keeping it short tonight.

Talks soon.



Hail Mary pizza

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