One of my responsibilities at Blumhouse was to read scripts and write script coverage on it. I had never in my life written script coverage before and I had no idea how to do this. On the other hand, I love to read and I was looking forward to reading some cool stuff. My writing on the other hand as I’ve mentioned in the past, I struggled with. The office manager, who is also the intern coordinator, would check the coverage before she sent it out. She considered her self an aspiring writer. She had such an aesthetic. She always had a red candle lit in the front desk. She had tattoos, black hair and a deep shade of lipstick on all the time. She has a thick book on her desk. Guess who was the author? Anne Rice. Yup. She liked vampires. She was nice most of the time. She loved to over share about her personal life. So we all knew her business. She picked favorites amongst the interns. When she needed help at the desk because somebody called out, she would hire an intern for a day to help her out. I got to help out once and I tried so hard to fit in since there was going to be an opening for an Office PA position. Honestly, I already knew I wasn’t going to get it because I didn’t fit in but a part of me hoped.

According to the office manager, my coverage sucked. Each time I wrote one, I dreaded getting feedback. It wasn’t constructive criticism. It was just like this sucks. Go fix it. Sometimes it was constructed, but that was rare. One of the interns was a natural writer and she was praised for it.

Sometimes we would be invited to attend screenings for Blumhouse films.

On a positive note, one of the editors at Blumhouse, was an Inner city filmmakers alumni. We bonded and I felt nice to have someone from the ICF family. I had no idea who he was but he was nice.

I felt so bad about my shitty coverage that I wanted to apologize to Ryan, who is the Director of development, who needed the coverage. He was actually very kind about it and said don’t worry. He got exactly what he needed from it. That made me feel better.

Another exciting thing was being invited to the Blumhouse Halloween party. At first the interns didn’t know if they would be invited but they let us come although we weren’t allowed to bring a plus one. To be honest, I hadn’t really bonded with anybody so I thought I’d be lonely. In a way, everyone kind of looks out for themselves in the industry. Since I wasn’t necessarily one of the cool kids, I was kind of left alone. Of course, no one said anything to me, but I was just felt a vibe but honestly it could’ve just been my own insecurities. I was in my head too much and I see that now. I should’ve just been myself, but it was hard when I constantly felt criticized and less than everyone else.

I wanted a cool costume for the Halloween party because I wanted to be noticed and impress everyone. I have never been into the sexy costumes so that was a no. I went to Halloween town in Burbank and purchased a storm trooper costume. I kept telling my friends that I needed something that would make me stand out. I’m not even a fan of Star Wars. LOL. I took the costume home and thank God I tried it on before the party, and there was a rip on it. I freaked out because Halloweentown doesn’t take returns and I just spent like $70 on this. I called them and luckily they were cool about it. They told me I can exchange it for something else. So I went back and I got a doll costume.

On the night of the party, my sister did my make up. I drove to the party by myself. I’m felt super anxious yet a little excited. I was never much of a party girl so it might’ve been one of my first really extravagant Halloween parties that wasn’t with my own family and friends. I saw the office manager soon as I walked into the outdoor party. She was dressed up as Beetlejuice with a drink in her hand. She looked so cool. She told me to make sure I say hi to Olivia, which of course I did.

I tried my best to have fun. I had some of dinner but all the other interns started to line up at the free bar. Mind you, I don’t drink so after a while, I just kind of wandered. I saw some cool costumes and I also saw the old lady from insidious, Lin Shaye I saw some people dancing on the dance floor with their costumes, which was cool. I left around 10pm. Overall, I had fun. There was a circle full of dancing. It was cool.



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