The beauty of life. Who was the first to utter those words? I am sure it wasn’t me. It leads back to anything original anymore? Or, are we living in a world where the same concepts are thrown around in hopes of a different reaction or maybe in hopes of the same response? Have we complicated the idea of time, though? Have we complicated so much that the beauty of life has because of a figment out of our imagination? Does happiness lie in the abyss where we can’t reach it or fathom the emotions of such euphoria? Time and time, are you waiting for the joy, or is it all just a fantasy?

I started today’s blog with a prologue in hopes of getting your mind thinking about the topic for today’s blog. Let’s get started then, shall we? I have written many times about the feeling of running out of time. There is so much to do, yet so little time. I have been watching my parents in front of my eyes since the day I can remember. I remember their youth slightly, but I feel their old age will be burned into my memory forever. What a beautiful yet treacherous thing to watch our parents, who birthed us, get older. It is painful but, at the same time, attractive. It is an honor more than anything. Life has this way of ripping us apart beautifully.

Last night, I had this somewhat sad conversation with my managers—two older men who have been with the company for over twenty years. I wondered if they remembered their first day at this company and all their hopes and dreams. One is fulfilled, while the other blames his lack of fulfillment on his long hours as a restaurant manager. They are reaching the age of retirement along with many of the other heads of the company, including the owner. The conversation started because a yellow notice hung at the front of the business. It is a change of ownership sign, but it’s just correcting some old paperwork, according to the owner. She is not selling her company, but what if she has? It has been the conversation for the last couple of days since everyone noticed the sign. The customers have even been asking about it.

This talk about a fulfilling life made me think about my own life. I am running out of time, just like everyone else. Sometimes I feel like I am in a vortex. Every day is the same routine, which I don’t mind. Money is such a crazy made-up force. I work to save money, but at the same time, I am missing out on time with my loved ones. It is a slippery slope, and balance in this area is essential. I can’t believe I have worked for seven years at the same restaurant. It has been a joy, but I feel apprehensive too. Is it time to move on? Is it time to cut back someday? Why am I even thinking like this, though? I mean, a job is a job.

After freaking out about running out of time, I stopped and analyzed the situation. It has gotten way better for me. Overall, I work fewer hours than just a year ago. My stress level has de-escalated too. I am grateful. Thank you, God. Most importantly, my mind has shifted, and it is moving to healthier places (hopefully). It brings me peace that I am working on balancing my life, and I will continue working on it. I want to keep my mind appreciative of the past, aware of the future but engulfed in the present. I want to be here. Right here. Right now. My priorities have changed. I have changed, and I hope I am not too late. The whole concept of hustling and grinding is excellent, but there needs to be a balance. I used to push myself, and I still do, but now I am pushing myself toward my priorities in life now. It has made all the difference.

It is Women’s Day, so Happy Women’s day to everyone! I want to say that, as humans, everything we need is already inside us. Just search for it by adapting the concept of peace into your life.

A prayer to conclude.

God, thank you for another day of life for me, all the people I love, and the world. More than anything, I pray for peace, good health, and faith.

Cheers to happiness,


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