Last week on Bla Bla Land, I described the chaos of my life right after I finished college. I was an intern at a company that would be perfect for me. I juggled multiple jobs, an internship class, and my father’s heart attack. I mentioned in my previous blog that I picked up a season job at Barnes and Noble. I thought working at a bookstore would be fun, but in the most simple words, it sucked. One good thing came out of my three weeks or so at the bookstore.

I met Bob Murawaski.

Cosplay for Evil Dead screening

Do you know who that is?

Maybe not, and that’s okay.

Bob Murawski not only has a badass last name, but he also works on the original Evil Dead films with Sam Raimi. If you google Bob, you can find a list of the incredible movies he has worked on and even won an Oscar. More than his film credits, Bob was and is a genuinely authentic man.

I am going, to be honest with you. I am still determining what Bob and I spoke about as I scanned his books and charged him for them at Barnes and Noble. I vaguely remember him purchasing some film books and discussing the movie. I mentioned I wanted to be a filmmaker, and he said he worked on a film named Evil Dead. Coincidently enough, I met Sam Raimi at one of the screenings of his movie “Don’t Breathe.” Also, I went to the Evil Dead screenings at the Egyptian Theater and saw Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbel during the Q&A. Now I was meeting Bob, who was connected to these folks within three months. Strange right? What did it all mean? I have no idea. I still don’t know. It was this peculiar synchronicity, but once again, I thought this was the universe guiding me toward my destiny of making films.

Bob shared his email and told me to email my resume, and he will keep me in mind. Back then, I would get excited when I met someone from the film industry. I had so much hope that my path would unfold somehow. I emailed Bob that same night, and Bob replied. He told me to check in with him, learn as much as I could at Blumhouse, and he would keep me in mind.

Bob and I had kept in touch since 2015 when we met at Barnes and Noble. We have emailed about getting coffee and maybe meeting his wife, but it has yet to happen. Their busy, and I understand. I admire the man so much I’d have difficulty speaking, LOL. Bob has contributed to my small projects by giving me his expert advice and helping out by donating to my GoFund. He has kept me in mind for job opportunities, but the timing never worked out, or I didn’t get the job. He has gotten me interviews at notable companies for positions I never dreamed about or thought I’d qualify for. He got Bruce Campbell to sign a figure for my best friend, who was ecstatic. He is a die-hard fan. I got to see the newest Dr. Strange film before it was released, and I gave feedback. I don’t know if my feedback mattered, but it was cool. It was cool to be a part of the Marvel world, even if it meant just viewing the film and writing notes. I wanted to write the best notes ever to make Bob proud. LOL

I have only spoken to Bob in person once, which was the one time we met at Barnes and Noble, but for some reason…and it might be my delusions, I consider him a friend…like a close pen pal.

More than anything, Bob reads my blog and believes in me. Sometimes I think this awesome dude is reading my blog, and I am not worthy lol, but just means so much. Bob is one of the good ones in the film industry; it is an honor to know him. I am so lucky, and my friendship with Bob is the only good thing from my seasonal position at Barnes and Noble, and maybe that was the only reason the universe put me there to meet Bob Murawski.

So Bob, thank you for being you and always helping when you can, for being one of the few that kept me in mind during my time in the film industry. I appreciate it so much. Thank you for believing that a Muslim Afghani American girl belongs in the film industry, and even though many others don’t believe in it, it brings me peace to know that you do and that’s all that really matters.

In honor of Bob and the Oscars, here’s his acceptance speech for his film the Hurt Locker back in 2010 along with his beautiful wife Chris Innis.



Meeting Sam Raimi

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