I love painting.

I don’t paint as much as I use to because it takes a lot of time.

Usually, it takes me about three hours to complete one painting.

Life gets busy and I just can’t make the time for it always.

I made time during the month of January to paint. I completed two paintings.

I got a standing easel which helps big time for my back.

And man…I just got lost in the painting for a couple of hours and it was so relaxing.

I tend to play some loud music that inspires me.

Sometimes I don’t play anything and I paint in silence.

I think it really helps me focus and shut my brain off.

And it is such a great feeling to just let loose and do something creative.

I love creativity.

It makes me so happy.

And I think I will live a better life as long as I am always creative.

Mind you, I am not the best painter.

No way am I a professional.

But, its fun.

Also, I really want to learn the piano but piano classes are so expensive. Fingers cross that I can learn to teach myself. Also, I think I might have some poetry nights =D I am hoping this actually comes through.

Happy Sunday.

Have a beautiful day.

God Bless.


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