Slowing down is something I have been trying to implement in my life.

At times, I am just going through the motions. Sometimes I even feel like that with writing for the blog…I just go through the motions and I don’t even go back to reread or edit. Usually it’s because I am short on time but I still want to put content out. If I took my time with my blog …I would only post once a month. LOL

But, yesterday I was eating something delicious. Chinese food. I haven’t had Chinese food in a while and I had been craving it. Usually I would eat everything within 15mins. But, I didn’t yesterday, I stopped and it took me an hour to finish my food. The point of slowing down is so I can enjoy my food or my experience. I hate how I get so excited to eat something and the feelings is done in ten mins because I finished it lol. I know hungry girl problems lol.

As a server, my brain works really fast at work. Actually I think serving really challenges my brain and it makes it work in a different way. When it’s slow, I tend to make more mistakes but when it’s busy …my brain makes no mistakes. I think when I leave my job ..I am still wired up. So I need to relax and slow it down.

I love taking hot showers …and sometimes I wish I could freeze time during my shower because it just feels so damn good.

Slowing down helps me appreciate the moment and show gratitude.

Even when I am doing certain movements at the gym ….I must slow down to feel the muscle working.

Now if I could meditate for 10mins a day …I will be golden.

To bad we can’t freeze time …

P.S. it’s to cold In L.A right now.


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