I love you, Sun. Let me run wild like nature through the warmness of your shine. Thank you Allah for the sun.

Life has been busy but that’s a blessing from Allah. So thank you Allah.

I felt an urgency to write today even though my schedule is pretty hectic.

My post today is about kindness.

At the school I work at, this week is kindness week. So students are doing all type of acts of kindness. There are kindness quotes being thrown out into the environment all day. It’s beautiful.

My personality has always been to include everyone. When I hang out with my group of friends, I am happiest when everyone is else is having a good time. It is very important to me that all my friends feel included. I have been told that it shouldn’t matter and I should focus on my happiness but it doesn’t work that way. There is this balance. Your focusing on yourself but when someone else’s energy is off…I feel it. It’s there like an elephant in the room and it does effect my mood hence I always want to make sure everyone is okay. Why shouldn’t I try to make someone’s else day better if I can?

Naturally, I am a people person and I gravitate towards the older crowd. At my serving job, all the older folks have adopted me as their daughter or grand daughter. The feeling is mutual, I do feel their love and I love back. It’s not a oh your my friend so I love you or your my family so I love you ..it’s more of …your a kind human …so I love you.

My father has always taught my siblings and I about manners, respect and kindness. He was the foreign guy that worked in the gas station for twenty years. And in those twenty years, he raised six kids and bought a house and he was the only provider…oh and he’s an immigrant from Afghanistan who doesn’t know any English or Spanish. Mom raised the kids. A customer who was a man asked him for a ride one night after work. He told my father he was desperate and my dad felt bad for him. The man said it’s only ten minutes away…(this was before Uber). My dad decided to help him and when they started driving the man pulled a knife out on my father. My dad disarmed him and kicked him out but this situation did not stop him from helping others. Although he could have said no and made the smarter choice …but his heart was good so he couldn’t say no.

Whenever a new employee starts at my job, I always introduce myself and let them know that I am here if they need anything.

You know …I am not always liked by people. Either you hate me or you love me. I’ve been told that I come off to strong or that I am to blunt …or my energy is to high or that I am fake. And you know …that use to hurt me a lot and it hurt because I was just being myself …I never meant to bother anyone or to be fake.

As an adult now …..I have learned that most people won’t like you and that’s okay. I like myself. I know I am a good human and I know my intentions. And if your not lucky enough to see it then it’s your loss. Maybe if people stopped judging or honestly, just looking for an excuse to just not like someone then they would be happier. Honestly, it takes so much energy hating someone or just being mean. Put that energy into something positive.

I am not going to sit here and say that it doesn’t hurt being called names because it does. And it does effect me slightly. I pretty much just close off and turn into a turtle in their shell and that’s okay. I am a Gemini and we are very versatile. We are known for our multiple personalities and some call us two face which is not the point of multiple personalities at all. But, again some people just want to hate. I just adapt to the situation and if I don’t feel positivities then I keep to myself. It’s really hard to feel happy when your around negative and judgmental people. I guess if I don’t feel safe then I don’t feel like sharing myself with anyone. Some might say …well you shouldn’t let them effect your mood but that’s honestly impossible. I am an empathic person and again, I like when everyone is feeling good because then I can feel good. That is just the way I am built and Allah has made me this way for a reason. I tend to just try my best to not be around people like this but sometimes it’s hard because you can’t avoid certain things forever.

Here are some acts of kindness.

Being considerate of others feelings.

Smile at people. Someone smiling at me means so much. It shows that you are open to my energy and I always smile back.

Say hello. Say hello whether they speak the same language as you or not. And I am not just taking about the Spanish or English ..:I mean your love language or your human language…you feel what u am saying? Like your love language.

Compliment others when you enjoy something about them or if you saw something you liked. Compliments from the heart are special. It helps a person frown confidence. I don’t always love my face but when someone tells me I have a beautiful smile…it makes my heart smile ….and I feel it.

Say thank you. Everyone around you is working hard just like you. So don’t expect people to do things for you and if they do be thankful. It drives me crazy when people don’t say thank you. At times people tend to think they are above others because of money and status or whatever entitled reason …here is a reminder that you are not better than anyone in the eyes of God. We are all human so say thank you.

Lastly, you don’t know what anyone is going through so don’t act like your problems are so much bigger then anyone else’s. Humble yourselves and just be kind. Don’t be the icing on someone’s bad day for some dumb reason.

I just want to say that sometimes we are not aware of our behavior because we are in our own heads and I get that. I’ve been there. My point is just be nice.

Also, the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) always showed kindness even to those that did not show him mercy. All the prophets of the world lived by showing love and kindness. So if the prophets can do it why can’t I ?

Lastly, Allah knows best.


Have a beautiful day.


2 thoughts on “#119 are you a kind person?

  1. Beautiful reflexion Frshta!
    In a world that we live in “us” people seem to forget about the little things, the things that makes us happy. For example, a smile, a nice gesture or just a Hi as you mentioned and it does not matter where or what language we speak, we all know the language of love.

    Kind regards
    The invisible man


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