After a whole year of talking about taking piano class…I actually had my first class on Sunday morning.

Lets back track a little.

I was a little bitty girl when I told my parents that I want to learn the piano. But, we were poor. Dad could not afford it.

One day mom and I walked to the Savon…now CVS by our house and I saw a little keyboard. My mom bought it for me.

I would try to play by myself. The best part was the microphone it came with. LOL

God bless my parents for trying.

I never learned and honestly, it isn’t the end of the world.

But, my best friend bought me a keyboard for the holidays back in 2018. Yup. She is the best.

The keyboard collected dust but it was always on my mind that I want to learn.

I tried learning on YouTube was hard.

I have never been very good at anything musical..I can’t dance, or sing, or play an instrument. That is totally fine.

I took voice lessons once…and I was told that I was tone deaf HAHAHAHAHA! It was more of therapy with the voice coach than singing classes.

So..on my bucket list last year…I included learning the piano but I didn’t do it. Honestly, it was fine though because I had school and I was trying to figure out life.

I finally contacted the piano teacher recommend by my fifth grade teacher when I told her one of my dreams was to learn the piano.

Her name is Ani.

Man, I hope when I become an older women..I could be as beautiful as her. She was so elegant in every way possible. The way she walked was even breath taking.

She told me that the key to playing the piano is to relax. She said if you relax then life will come easy. If you spend all your time stressing out about what is next then how will you ever know what your soul really desires. Maybe if humans relaxed then they would know their true purpose.

She was interesting and I feel that I will learn a lot from her.

I am not going to lie..waking up Sunday morning to go to class was a drag. I was trying to talk myself out of it. I kept saying what is the point..why am I spending money. Some might call it fear but that isn’t what it was. It was a mixture of laziness and what is the point? It’s to far.

But, then Kim, my trainer, came into my head..she always says that growth happens when your uncomfortable. Then my best friend came in my head saying just try the first class..then my other best friend came in my head saying that I owe her a song..then I came into my head saying..isn’t this something you always wanted to do…then do it? How will you ever get anywhere with that attitude. No wonder you can’t make films.

So I went.

It is crazy that she spoke to me about deep life situations.

She used Winnie the Pooh as an example. A show not really for children. Characters that represent different human characteristics. Winnie the Pooh is suppose to be the best of them all but society views him as lazy. But, Pooh does what we all should be doing and that is what makes us happy. For Pooh…its doing nothing.

She asked me what I am talented in…and I was stumped…guess what I said…



I said writing LOL…I let her know that I write almost everyday ….but I am not sure if I am good at it but it does come naturally. I mentioned my love for painting, reading, films and my love for people.

She said if I didn’t have an audience for my blog..would I keep writing? I would keep writing but I do like an audience, I said. She commented that one should always do things for themselves because that way it is at its truest form…she used the word authenticity.

Lately, I’ve been pondering if I am making a mistake by not taking on a full time teaching job. But, I think Allah is speaking to me and I need to understand and accept.

I am pretty scared of failing at piano but at least I’m trying. And Ani said she truly believes that every thing has its timing for a reason. She also said that the piano is one of the few instruments that exercises both side of the brain lol. Thank you God for my brain.

I’m excited.


Song of the week introduces by my friend, Tracy. This song has been making me jam out all day.

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