I want to write.

I want to start filming shorts.

I need to start.

All week, I have been thinking itching to have free time to get some writing in.

Some deep and thoughtful writing.

The week after Halloween always is bitter-sweet for me.

I had a fantastic spooky season but now it’s over.

I am ready to engulf myself back into some of my creativity.

I think a break sometimes is a good thing because now I am eager to get back into it.

How I am going to make any time?

I have no idea.

I have this problem.

Whenever I try to film something, I hate it.

It isn’t good.

The lighting, the camera angles, and the story.

All of it is rubbish.

Yet, I know I can make something good.

I have potential.

I know it.

Thanks for reading.



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