Which transformer is this?
Midsummer Scream: Season Awakening

When I find a penny on tails, I make sure to set it on heads somewhere for someone else to find it. If it’s on heads, I consider it to be good luck. I can be a bit superstitious, which can lead to paranoia. I found three pennies this week, and each one was on the “heads” side. Maybe the tide is turning for me, and these pennies are a sign of it?

I spent the last two weekends working on two different conventions. Each convention made me feel a different way. The first one was an anime convention. The first convention that I had ever been to was an anime convention almost ten years ago. Therefore, going back to an anime convention as a vendor is pretty cool. I was feeling nostalgic and I had a great time. I was watching all these youngsters dress up in different anime cosplays and just having a blast. I missed being a teenager and living carefree. I was jealous of them and what they were experiencing. At the same time, I was happy to be a vendor. Every convention or show that I have been vending at this past year has been a learning lesson. One thing that has really helped with the experience is making friends with other vendors. I always try and make friends with all the vendors. Everyone is so kind and sometimes they really come through. For example one of the first conventions I did this year was in Ontario, Ca. Unfortunately, someone stole all the boxes for the merchandise that I had brought. Luckily, the vendor across from us had extra boxes and helped us out. Anytime we need some change, we have had vendors help us out with change.

The last two shows were especially fun. I enjoy working around the holidays because I use to work at a toy store and I love the holiday rush. Everyone wants to spend money and there is something in the air. A sort of energy and I like that it’s busy. At the Anime convention, the line for the convention was around the block for most of the day. Folks were waiting for hours to get inside the con. The customers were nice and it was a busy day. The convention was a horror convention. I love horror and I have been wanting to be a part of a horror convention all year. It was less traffic but it was still good. There were a lot of interesting and different booths at both shows. I took more pictures at the horror convention. I did some shopping for myself and others too. I wanted to support local businesses.

Honestly, business was decent and I just had such a great time being around like-minded folks. It was a lot of work and I was exhausted from setting up and breaking down the booth. I was working my normal jobs during the week too so I have no idea how I made it through the weekends. I think I was just having too much to care how tired I was. I love to work especially when I like to do something. I’m excited to see where my creative business goes. I am grateful for these new memories that I made this year. I am excited to continue working towards entrepreneurship. Maybe these “heads” pennies have and will bring me luck.

Happy Holidays everyone.

I am so grateful for every one of my readers.

Here are some photos from the conventions!

Cheers & Blessings!



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