Wow, ICF was finally coming to an end.

Tal, one of the assistants, threw a prop which she called morp. Prom spelled backward is morp.


I didn’t attend prom back in high school so I was excited. Tal’s house was ten minutes from my place. It was going to be an 80s theme so I created a playlist. I think we had pizza and one of the alumni had these crazy dance moves. We were all shocked. He made all of these drops and weird moves. Only the ICF crew came that lived in the valley because some students lived far away. It was fun. We took awkward prom photos too.


Graduation came. I wore a blue cocktail dress. It was Ramadan too. So I was fasting. I broke my fast as I sat in the audience watching my short film on the big screen at the Samuel Goldwyn Theater. To my embarrassment, I had powder from my pastry that I scarfed down all over my dress. We watched every student short on the big screen. It went too fast. Everyone did a good job. We took a lot of photos and received certificates.

Actors from our movies

I couldn’t believe that I was second-guessing joining this program. I couldn’t believe I almost missed out on one of the best Summers of my life. I was sad that it was over but grateful for the memories.



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