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Heads up, this blog is EVERYWHERE.

Taking the pressure off of myself has been life-changing. I sometimes catch myself putting the pressure back on myself, but I stop myself. I need to train myself and unlearn this bad habit to form new healthy habits. I have an all-or-nothing mentality sometimes. For example, right now, I am struggling with my food habits. I eat very beneficial or cheat all day, but I have been working on this, and the WHOLE30 helped me find balance. My biggest issue is that I get tired of eating the same types of foods. I mean, how much chicken can a girl eat? I want bread and sweets! I can’t be on the WHOLE30 my whole life, so I must figure it out. I feel unmotivated since Ramadan is coming up soon. My entire diet and exercise routine will be out of wack. I will be more disciplined after Ramadan.

Overall though, I feel more relaxed and take life momentarily. Taking the pressure off has relaxed me in a lot of ways. I kind of want to prioritize sleep and long baths.

I wanted to write about the movie pass that I have. Why aren’t there any movies in theaters? There is nothing to watch! It is so frustrating. Where are all the indie films? It makes me sad that theaters are closing their doors. Nothing is like sitting center stage at a theater and watching a good movie.

I want to add that. Lately, I have been telling myself that my hobbies and passions were supposed to be fun. Go back to that Frshta. Make life fun again. I have so much I want to do that it has been hard to focus, but it’s a blessing to want to do things again. I am utterly grateful.

Here are photos of my life since I let go of the pressure.

Mural in Los Feliz
I tried a new diner called Clark’s in Hollywood with some new friends. Cheers to blossoming friendships.
Developing friendships
Celebrating Pepsi birthday.

Taking photos in random windows
Conjuring up some writing magic. I haven’t written a script in years!

My nephews 2nd bday. I wore a dress showing off my shoulders even thought my arms and shoulders are my biggest insecurities.

Trying a new type of style. Carrying my tote bag more often wearing a knitted flower sweater

I went for a run on the trail by my home. It was amazing to be outside and just move my body.

Checked out skylight books!



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