• Yama: Chapter 11

    Yama: Chapter 11

    Last night I had a dream about Yama. He was alive in my dream but he seemed dead at the same time. May Allah bless your soul my dear brother. Nazira, Yama’s wife…you must be wondering what role does this grieving widow play in all of this mess. This particular story might be sensitive to…

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  • Yama: Chapter 12

    Yama: Chapter 12

    Yama went to Nazira’s mom and asked her what the deal was. He was upset and he did not approach her in a kind matter. She fell to her feet and begged him to forgive them and to please not leave her daughter. Nazira begged him not to leave her. Nazira said she didn’t realize…

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  • Yama: Chapter 13

    Yama: Chapter 13

    So now back to the ghost story. When Yama would see things during his time as an alcoholic….no one believed him. Everyone thought he was hallucinating because once your liver is damaged …hallucinations happen all the time. Yama went to the hospital three times to get detoxed. He would hallucinate for weeks until he was…

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  • Yama: Chapter 14

    Yama: Chapter 14

    A couple weeks before Yama’s life ended…he did some strange things. Yama decided to visit all of his loved ones…even family that he rarely spoke to. He visited his best friend and his god son out of nowhere. He just knocked on their door and said I just wanted to come by and say hello.…

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  • Yama: Chapter 15

    Yama: Chapter 15

    My mom got pregnant with Yama at sixteen years old but she was married at the age of fourteen. In Afghanistan, it is common to get married very young. She went into labor at 6am and gave birth to Yama at 7pm. He was 9lbs…a big baby and mom was tiny. Delivering Yama was very…

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  • Yama: Chapter 16

    Yama: Chapter 16

    Omar and Yama had a complicated relationship and I still don’t know why. They grew up together and only had two years apart. Omar was never the school type instead he was the lets make money type. Yama graduated high school and got a job at the 99cents store at the age seventeen. He went…

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  • Yama: Chapter 17

    Yama: Chapter 17

    Geeti and Yama grew close towards the end of his life but it wasn’t always like that. They had a lot of issues growing up because Yama was that protective older brother and so was Omar. Geeti was the first girl in our family and she had a very tough time. My family was use…

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  • Yama: Chapter 18

    Yama: Chapter 18

    Hasib worked with Yama at the liquor store. But, Hasib wanted more and decided to work with Omar once he had opened up his business. Yama was always a little hurt that Hasib left him for Omar. They didn’t have much a relationship once they were adults. It really sucks that one we become adults…we…

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  • Yama: Chapter 19

    Yama: Chapter 19

    Adres was always angry with Yama for being an alcoholic. When Hasib left the liquor store to go with Omar…Adres stayed with Yama for a while and helped out. But, eventually, Adres left to help Omar open up another liquor store. That store ended badly and when Yama got sick…Adres came back to help him.…

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  • Yama: Chapter 20

    Yama: Chapter 20

    The first time Yama got drunk in the house was in his mid 20s. It isn’t very common to drink in the house in our culture or religion especially in front of your elders. Yama had his friends over and they had some drinks. Yama drank in secret but he got super drunk and vomited…

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